General / world-wide

Travellerspoint Travel Community:

Pass Planet (Central America and SE Asia):

The Man in Seat 61 (train focused – excellent):

Rough Planet:

One Bag (the name say it all, good packing advice/lists):

World Nomads, free MP3 language guide downloads:

Budget your trip, a great way to get a handle on what your daily costs might be:

Backpacking tips and starter information, similar to this site –

Learning about the world through photography:

Travelholic (Europe, Oz/NZ):

World Climate – gives you the average temperature and rainfall for any time of the year just about anywhere in the world:

Nice looking resource for all the popular destinations: &

Virtual Tourist (great info & forum):

Travel resource for independent travellers: &

Which plug in which country?:

Great interactive world weather map:



Google Backpacking directory:

Yahoo Backpacking directory:

Embassy World (searchable database of worldwide embassies):

Tourism offices worldwide directory:

Free to do (in USA and EU):

Mysterious places (images and stories of):


On-line Magazines

Ron Gluckman, many excellent articles:

Boots N All (very popular):

The Long Trip Home:

Australian (developed country orientated):

Polo’s Bastards Extreme Adventure (odd and sometimes dangerous places):

Itchy Feet Magazine (online magazine for globetrotters):

inTravel, experiences and ideas:


Just For Fun

The Fabulous Adventures of Mister Wombat:

Great travel game to test your Knowledge:

Atlas of the real world:…/The-Atlas-of-the-Real-World.html

Lies to tell tourists:

Test your Geography Knowledge:

Historical Country Names:

Golden Plungers, the world’s best public toilets and where to find them:

Spud Travel’s:

Guide to sleeping in airports:

How many country have you been to:

How far is it?

The Big Mac index:

Which side of the road do they drive on?:

Let your books travel and catch up later, great idea:

Where is Matt? (quirky video of Matt’s dancing on his travels):

Five Steps for Doing Laundry While Backpacking:



ATM Cards and Foreign Exchange (American Focus):

MasterCard/Cirrus ATMs worldwide:

VISA/Plus ATM’s worldwide:

American Express ATM’s worldwide:

Exchange rates (quick): or Universal Currency Converter (better) above or Currency printable cheat sheet:



Travel health advice: or

World Heath Organisation:

Travel Medicine (information and products to buy):

Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad:

Centre for Disease Control and Protection:


On-line guidebooks and travel books

Peter M. Geiser’s Internet Travel Guide (SEA & China):

World Stompers on-line:

Peter Moore:

Fodors Travel (useful user comments about individual hotels):

Courtesy of


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